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When we ask a boss or business manager who their best sellers are, which ones are going wrong and why things happen, the first thing that comes to mind is the budget and its percentage of achievement.

Being this real, truthful and useful information to answer the question, it is currently not enough.

During past decades of economic boom, when the markets were buyers, meeting and even exceeding the sales forecast was enough information to focus the attention of the sales department, double-digit growth has relaxed us all in the evaluation and development of sales teams, loosening the mechanisms of evaluation and later development of salespeople.

“The difference between consultative selling and transactional selling is that in the first, the focus of sales efforts is on the customer and in the second, we place it on the product”.

Victor Kowalski

As we all know, the “saleability index” of a company is a set of factors that directly or indirectly influence its ability to sell; one of which is the network marketing competition, your skills and knowledge of the profession!

Today when we review the sales results, due to market circumstances, most of the professionals are below budget. Are they all bad? Far from it! The problem is that there is not enough information for a fair evaluation.

We need to create a sales analysis model for sellers that objectively answers questions such as: Who is a good salesperson? What does it mean to sell well? my team?….”

To respond to all this and to be able to correctly locate where the points of improvement are, from auladeventas we have a Commercial Audit, on which we base our audit and consulting sessions.