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Four decades of experience in sales have been enough time to know how to develop commercial talent and especially to identify it.

I help companies recruit and select business professionals. Qualified professionals for senior management, directors and sales managers, middle managers and seniors.

Exhaustive searches to find the perfect profile that integrates into the company’s culture.

Nationwide coverage, using the latest technologies and the most up-to-date knowledge of the market, to find the best profile.

Tailor-made solutions for each client, listening to their needs and proposing the best alternatives to fit their strategy and philosophy.

Throughout the selection process, communication with the client is continuous, informing them of all the progress.


Our extensive experience in the sales area supports expertise in a wide range of business profiles and industries

“Most people think that (sell) is the same as (talk). But the most effective salespeople know that (listening) is the most important part of their job”.

Roy Bertell

Many professionals in the sales function are very good and proactive in what they know and what makes them successful, but in other aspects of their role they may not be so. It happens many times with aspects related to the delegation or direction of people, and above all it occurs in situations of markets and changing environments.

This same security and confidence that has led them to occupy their current position, can make it difficult for them to perceive new business opportunities or ways of thinking and make them not correspond to their mental maps built over so many years.

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