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About me

Let me introduce myself, I’m Victor Barajas.

Founder and Managing Partner at auladeventas consulting, a consulting firm from which I help companies increase their marketability index, improving processes, business strategies and developing people.

Professionally I am a Salesperson by decision and I declare myself in love with commercial processes.

With more than 40 years of experience selling, leading sales teams and as a consultant in different markets, with more than 450 improvement interventions in many companies.


Throughout my long career I have gained solid experience in different sales methodologies, direct sales, consultative sales, B2B and retail.

My desire to improve has directed me towards the research and development of new commercial methods, all of them focused on selling more and better.

With extensive consulting experience in the pharmaceutical, food, banking, retail, engineering and service companies sectors.

I am a faithful defender of sales metrics and mathematics applied to the commercial function.

My three professional mottos are:

“If I don’t go I won’t sell”, “what we don’t measure we don’t improve” and “It’s not the whats, it’s the hows”


I base my professional interventions on them.

I understand selling as a communication process aimed at generating the necessary trust to be able to help clients in their decision process and improve their reality.

I was born in Barcelona, Christmas 1958, I studied a Master in Marketing Management from ESADE, a Diploma in business management and organization from EAE and a Master Practitioner in NLP from the Gestalt Institute of BCN.

As a speaker and writer, I claim the importance and value of the sales function in our society, which has led me in recent years to publish 2 books with my vision of sales.

“The man who regained the pride of selling”
Active company 2007 and reissued on Amazon.

“The Kowalski Method”
Header Books 2018.

Whenever you want it will be a pleasure to talk to you, and see how I can help you!!

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